Amaroo Childcare FAQ's

What are the educator to child ratios?

At Amaroo, we operate with a minimum ratio of 1 educator to 4 children under the age of 3, and 1 educator to 11 children over the age of 3. At times, we operate at higher educator to child ratios.

What if my child has special dietary needs?

Please advise us if your child has any special dietary needs (e.g. cultural, religious or allergies), so that we can cater for their needs.

Am I eligible for Childcare Benefit or Childcare Rebate?

Parents may apply for CCB (Childcare Benefit) & CCR (Childcare Rebate) through Centrelink. This is assessed by the F.A.O.(Family Assistance Office). Proof of income will need to be supplied to the F.A.O. More information can be obtained by visiting this website.

What is included in the daily fee?

The daily fee is all inclusive covering meals, snacks, sunscreen and bedding (& cleaned sheets ). For babies we ask that parents supply formula or breast milk until your child is eating solids and able to enjoy the centre meals.

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