The perks of family Game Nights

As a child, do you remember playing board games with your parents and siblings? Or just with your friends, maybe? It is clear that board games were a big part of our childhood, but right now, they are slowly dying, and to be honest, it’s a shame. Children right now are more interested in video games than in anything else, which makes sense, since all they know is technology. So, what if we make board games more attractive to them, by throwing family game nights? I know I know, it sounds old-fashioned, and yet, a family game night is always a great idea! And not only do family game nights make it easier for you to bond with your child, they also offer a whole bunch of other benefits, mostly educational. Yes, you might think that games are only entertainment, but as it happens, they are also a great way to teach your children some life skills. From problem-solving skills to sportsmanship, learn all about how the perks of family board game nights. 

Perk n° 1: 

Developing problem-solving skills Most board games are about solving a problem or a riddle, which is why they are a good training for children. Not only do they learn critical thinking, they also get to know how to strategies better, which helps them be better at memorising and solving problems on their own, without the help of an adult. So, you might tell yourself now: “Well, I can just give my kids some strategy games and let them play them on their own, I don’t need to play with them”, but that is a big mistake. Children, especially small children, learn first and foremost from their parents, so watching you strategise and solve riddles and problems is one of the best ways for them to learn. So, play strategy games with your children, and show them how they can be better at thinking in a critical way. 

Perk n°2: 

Family bonding A lot of parents want to bond with their children, but don’t really know how especially if their little ones are too busy playing games on tablets and other electronic devices. Sure, technology is great, and we are not saying that you should your children from going on the internet, watching cartoons, or playing videos games. But, one family game night a week never hurt anyone, especially when you think about how much of a bonding experiment it is. The games you play don’t really matter, as long as you are spending quality time with your children, actually talking and having fun together. Children, who grow up in families that communicate end up being healthier, more emotionally stable adults, and isn’t that what every parent wants for their kids? 

Perk n°3: 

Learning sportsmanship We have all been there: we are playing a game, one of the children loses, and they just can’t accept it! Or one of them wins, and keeps flaunting it in front of everyone else, because why not? So, having family game nights also works as a good way to teach your children how to lose (and win) in the most gracious way. It is an opportunity to teach them how to be humble and how to handle losing and being wrong in the best possible way, which is by learning from their mistakes. This not only teaches children sportsmanship, but also helps them build a strong character, and most of all, it teaches them one important lesson: it is more important to play, enjoy yourself, and maybe lose than to play and win without enjoying yourself. 

Perk n°4: 

Developing better cognitive skills Good board games are a great way to make your children’s cognitive skills better, especially games that involve mathematics, vocabulary, or general trivia. Playing this kind of games with your children not only shows them that knowledge is important, it teaches them that everything can be fun to learn, and thus, helps them do well at school, and get better grades. So from now on, when you play board games with your children, remember that it might be the reason why they will be getting excellent grades at school later!

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